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I wish people would stop labeling non-standard constructions as merely a result of laziness, sloppiness, or lack of attention. Their understanding of sociolinguistics is more than 50 years out of date….

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The perfect and elegant maid. By kieta.


The perfect and elegant maid. By kieta.

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there are posts on my dash about new limp bizkit and new slipknot tracks…is 2014 the year of nu-metal revival?

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(atypical) language development is so fucking cool and i have nobody who shares my love

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are there any blogs out there that are dedicated to documenting speech impediments / atypical language development / selective language impairment? if so hmu and i’ll follow you.

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hotdogscout click this because i need to stop spamming you pics and start working

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7 Dogs That Would Probably Be Cute If Not For Their Weirdly Visible Nipples
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SCORE: 9.5

Genre: folk, singer-songwriter

Joanna Newsom delivers an obfuscated autobiography that is nothing short of beautiful.

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